Choosing a Reseller Hosting Program

Published: 11th March 2011
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Businesses need to extend their market reach, penetrate unexplored verticals, and capture new accounts in order to grow and reach their revenue potentials. And, all these must be done at minimum overhead to avoid exhaustion of often limited marketing budget. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, market expansion has become lot more convenient and economical than ever. The internet has also introduced many powerful marketing tools such as website building and web hosting to boost profit.

A website is one of the most common marketing tools used by contemporary marketers in order to reach and capture a wider consumer base for their products and services. It enables business owners to make their products visible 24/7, and promote them to millions of potential customers across the globe, without leaving their offices or hiring an additional marketing team. Companies that fail to establish online presence usually find themselves lagging way behind the competition.

With the World Wide Web teeming with websites – from small personal blogs to huge e-commerce sites, hosting services are becoming more and more in demand as well. Web hosting providers enable small companies with limited marketing budgets to acquire extensive online exposure even if they don’t have the technical skills required to set up and maintain a physical server. In a web hosting platform, a website owner rents server space, internet connection, and other server resources from the web host, or the one who owns and manages a physical server. Web hosts usually provide other cloud services such as storage, back-up, security, and 24/7 technical support all together in a single service package.

To maximize their in-house resources, many web hosts offer web hosting reseller plans to their clients, who in turn gets the opportunity to earn extra income. In this program, the web host provides large server resources to its clients, which can be repackaged and sold out to their own clients at competitive rates. Many resellers have made huge profits from reseller hosting programs, and eventually managed to set up their own cloud computing businesses.

Aside from its money-spinning capability, reseller hosting is very useful for inexperienced resellers looking to put up their own internet business. They do not have to set up their own data center infrastructure, buy an expensive dedicated server, nor hire an IT staff. They can simply rent bulk resources from a remote server housed and maintained by a web host. Round-the-clock customer and technical support are also provided by the same web host. The only thing a reseller needs to do is to find customers and sell repackaged hosting services at profitable rates.

To find a reliable reseller hosting provider, consider the following pointers:
• Reliable 24/7 technical support.
• Huge bandwidth allowance
• 99.9 uptime guarantee
• Redundant back-up system

Australia is one of the top providers of hosting services in the world with hundreds of data center facilities across the country offering a full range of range of scalable services including shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, collocation services, and reseller hosting. Find the right reseller hosting provider and start your own cloud computing business in Australia.

Walter Scott is a professional web hosting solutions consultant. To learn more on web hosting providers in Australia, visit

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